Marital Strife

2 Cor. 5:7 We live by faith, not by sight.

“Faith has its anchor in the unseen realm. It lives FROM the invisible TOWARD the visible. Faith actualizes what is realizes. The Scriptures contrast the life of faith with the limitations of natural sight. Faith provides eyes for the heart”

~When Heaven Invades Earth, Day 6 devotional.

The has been perplexing me for a couple of days. I’ve wondered to myself “how do I know if I am living by the seen or the unseen? When has my faith led me to a reality that my eyes did not see but my heart did?” Then last night Chris and I were told that some friends of ours are struggling in their marriage and that is how God revealed these answers to me. 17 years ago after an affair in my marriage, I wanted to walk away. It looked less heartbreaking and easier to dissolve the marriage and hope to one day start afresh with someone new. My thought being I would have more maturity and wisdom in the next relationship. I hadn’t seen any marriage that didn’t dissolve after an affair so the possibility of restoration in my eyes was less than slim to none. But then there was something inside, FAITH, that told me to hold on. If I was willing to plow through the seen and hold onto what I had never seen but had hoped for then my husband and I just might survive this train wreck. So we held tight, no, not to each other, but to the thought that one day we would hold each other again. This year God celebrates His work in our 20th Anniversary. For those struggling in marriage, from whatever hurt has been caused by one of you or both, settle in your hearts – individually and as partners – to keep looking for what cannot be seen with human eyes but only seen with the heart.

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